International Conference on Child and Adolescent (C&A) Mental health Nepal 2018 (ICCAMN 2018)

The present population of Nepal is about 30 million, and 40% of the population is younger than 18 years of age (estimated to be 12 million). It is thought that about 15 - 20 % of this population suffers from some form of mental health problems (estimated to be between 2-3 million children). The recognition of child and adolescent mental health (CAMH) problems is very recent in Nepal and has remained a largely invisible health agenda. Nepal government spends about 5% of GDP on health care and less than one percent of that health care budget is allocated to mental health and zero dollars is spent on child mental health. In whole of Nepal, there is only one full time CAMH outpatient clinic and not even one inpatient unit. One of the main reasons behind the neglect of CAMH is lack of awareness among general public as well as the people in government and policy level. This conference will bring people from academics, NGOs, INGOs, government, policy makers and all walks of life to highlight the urgent need for C&A mental health in Nepal.

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