The Organizing Committee of International Conference on Child and Adolescent Mental Health Nepal 2018 (ICCAMHN 2018) invites all mental health and allied professionals, practitioners, researchers, academicians, students, NGOs, INGOs, consumers, and to contribute scientific papers, posters or description of their work experiences related to the Conference Theme “Mental Health for All Children and Adolescents” in the following areas:

  1. Promotion of Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH).
  2. Prevention and early intervention of CAMH problems.
  3. Treatment and Rehabilitation of CAMH disorders.

We would like to encourage all to present any research/work done in the field of mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) in CAMH in Nepal and worldwide. All Nepalese and international delegates are encouraged to apply.

Submissions may be in the form of Oral Papers and Scientific Poster Presentations in the field of CAMH.

Oral Papers (OP)

Presentation of findings reflecting an individual study or part of larger study, and important work/ programs in the field of CAMH. The organizing committee will place the OP into related themes. Individual paper presentation will be for 10 minutes.

Poster Presentation (PP)

Graphic representations of the results of empirical/conceptual/organizational work put on display by individual/group of delegates, and open for questioning or discussion by those interested. The size of posters should be 90cm/120cm in portrait format.

Where to Submit:

Abstracts in standard format should be submitted via e-mail to

Important Dates:

Last date for submission is 9th October, 2018.
Accepted authors will be notified by 10th October, 2018.
All selected abstracts will be published in the Conference Souvenir.

Submission Guidelines & Procedures

  1. Abstracts must be submitted via e-mail to on or before 9th October, 2018.
  2. Abstracts must be written in English and should not exceed 250 words (Excluding title, authors, keywords and affiliations).
  3. Abstracts must be in text format, DO NOT include any graphs, tables or images.
  4. You must indicate whether you wish to have your abstract considered for ORAL PAPERS (OP) or POSTER PRESENTATION (PP) and under which topic heading it is being submitted.
  5. Please provide the presenter’s brief biography.
  6. Abstracts of scientific research must be submitted using the following structure: Introduction, Methods, Results, and Conclusion.
  7. Abstracts of work/projects of organizations working in CAMH (non-scientific studies) must be submitted in the following structure: Introduction, Objectives/ Goals, Implementation Process, Results with Implications.
  8. Abstract should be typed in Times New Roman font, size 12 with 1.5 line spacing.
  9. Accepted abstracts are eligible for presentation after receiving full registration fee from the author/ presenter. If registration fee of the presenter is not received by due date, his/her paper is assumed to have been withdrawn.
  10. Once the abstract is submitted, changes, correction or rewording are not allowed. The submission should be carefully proof-read and corrected by the author. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the information reported, as accepted abstracts will be printed on the Conference Souvenir.
  11. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. Only those abstracts judged to be of high quality and of relevance will be accepted.
  12. Acceptance notification will be sent to the corresponding author and presenter with further instructions. Final presentation style will be subject to the decision of the Scientific Committee.
  13. Failure to comply with these requirements will exclude the abstract from consideration.


  1. Prevention and promotion of CAMH
  2. Child and adolescent psychiatric disorders and treatment
  3. Psychological/ behavioral and social interventions
  4. Child well being, early development, and resilience
  5. Mental health issues related to neurological/ developmental disorders and special needs
  6. Preschool/school mental health and special education
  7. CAMH issues associated with other child health issues (HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, and other acute and chronic diseases)
  8. Violence, trauma, abuse
  9. Children in disaster
  10. Children in especially difficult circumstances
  11. Advocacy and policy, adoption laws
  12. Epidemiology of child and adolescent mental health
  13. Others


Call for abstracts Open date August 14, 2018
Abstract submission deadline October 9, 2018
Acceptance notification October 10, 2018
Registration deadlines for presenters October 14, 2018
Conference dates November 2-3, 2018

Scientific Committee, International Conference on Child and Adolescent Mental Health Nepal 2018.